• Low Air Loss, Pulsation, 3-1 Alternation, Static and 40 degree Rotation Therapies simultaneously in one system
  • Auto Set feature sets the optimal pressure based on the patient’s height and weight
  • Mattress replacement can accommodate patient weights up to 700 lbs
  • Patient Care Mode max Inflates mattress to assist medical staff for patient bedside treatment and help facilitate patient ingress/egress
  • TPU cell design provides easy cleaning and minimizing the proliferation of bacteria
  • Equip with 2” convoluted foam base provides additional support during power failure situation


Low slip nylon under mattress base cover to reduce shearing and friction between mattress and bed frame

The modular construction of the cells makes for simplistic repair and cleaning

Incorporates with automatic sensing technology for fowler detection and pressure adjustment

Cable management keeps electrical cables off the floor

CPR quick release system deflates the system within 20 seconds

Hanging bracket fits on all type of beds



Automatically sets optimal pressure based on patient’s weight and weight.

60 seconds of pulsation simulates a massage to assist in maximizing a patient’s comfort.


Duet can detect changes in the angle of the bed frame in ‘Fowler Mode’ and adjust the pressure based on these results.

Multiple lateral rotations provide alternative treatments to patients and medical staffs. Rotation therapy can be set from 3 to 95 minutes.