• The UTS has an integrated pump that is automatic weight sensing
  • Alternating pressure and continuous minimized pressure therapy modes to prevent tissue breakdown and encourage healing
  • Foam in air cell design provides safe and sound protection during a power outage
  • Removable foam layer that can be placed under top cover for extra comfort or stored underneath the air cells
  • Hand pendant for patient control of the mattress. Ideal for patients living alone or with limited mobility.
  • The UTS replacement mattress can accommodate patient weights up to 350 lbs


Foam pad covers the integrated pump for patient protection

Welded vinyl bladder containment straps

Fluid resistant and vapor permeable 2-way stretch top cover


Hand Pendant for patient control

CPR quick release system deflates the system within 20 seconds

Hard-plummed air cells to prevent air leaks

Hand Pendant & Mattress Construction

Hand Pendant Controls
  • Power On/Standby Selection
  • Static/Alternating Mode
  • Comfort Setting
  • Automatic Weight Sensing
  • Function Status Display
  • Max Inflate
  • Alarm Display
  • Lock/Unlock & Alarm Mute